Welcome to Denver’s Top Photo and Video Studio

Massif Studios is a 11,000+ sq.ft. photo and video studio built on a Co-Working platform. The studios are designed to handle almost any creative endeavor and are available for reservation 24/7

Rent by the hour as a guest or sign up for an annual membership. Members enjoy amenities such as: key to the studio for 24 hr access, personal storage locker, unlimited access to the community spaces, wifi, cable and more. Plus members receive a discounted rate on studio bay reservations.

We invite you to come in for a tour of the studio to see it for yourself!


Width: 48′

Length: 50′

Height: 14-15′

White wall with natural light hard corner

Portable Walls

2 professional makeup stations


Width: 25′

Length: 50′ 

Height: 14-15′

White Wall: W – 25′ L – 25′

Black Wall: W – 25′ L – 25′

2 Professional Make-Up Stations


Width: 17′

Length: 24′

Height: 11′

White Wall : 6.5′ (Wall to Floor)

Natural Light

South and East Facing Windows


Width: 34′

 Length: 40′

Height: 14-15′

Fully Equipped and Functional Kitchen

Garage Door: 10′ x 10′


Width: 16′

Length: 45′

Height: 14-15′

Full Length Mirror | Styling Chairs

Work Tray (On-Wheels) | 7 Salon Stations

Studio Features

Photo and Video


5 Makeup Stations

7 Salon Stations

Secure Gear Lockers

Full Kitchen

Lighting Equipment

Office Space


Event Rental Space


24 hr Member Access

Audio Room

A Look Inside Massif Studio Space

Massif Current

Ash Taylor- Stylist

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Social media(IG/FB/Twitter/etc): Instagram: thegutsandglory, Facebook: The Guts and Glory, Website: www.thegutsandglory.com Hometown/current location: Taylor Mill Kentucky/Denver, co Company: The Guts and Glory Q:  Tell us about yourself: Why do you…

Julia Rhoden- Designer

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Social media(IG/FB/Twitter/etc): Instagram: jrhodendesign, Facebook: Julia Rhoden Designs, Website: www.jrhodendesign.com Hometown/current location: Denver, co Company: Julia Rhoden Designs LLC Q:  Tell us about yourself: Why do you want to work…

Kris Baxter- Model

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Social Media- @littlestoflambs & @erebusadornments Describe what makes your work/style/art unique?  I think what makes my style unique is my strange ability to portray a variety of emotions in my…